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Natural Luxury
Paraben-free, Non-Toxic, Lead-Free, Non-GMO, Phthalate-Free
3X longer Burn
Soy wax, botanical extracts, fragrance oils, organic cotton
Cruelty Free

A Different Kind of Luxury


The Laguna Candle Social Club curates timeliness, minimal, and earthy pieces to make your home feel like an extension of your expression.

Our collection is inspired by local places in our backyard and world
travels — a combination between modern pieces and vintage elements resulting in a sophisticated and luxurious style with an artisanal feel. We draw inspiration from all corners of the earth to curate a fusion, but always with a flair and focus in modern design.

We believe your home is a reflection of what you will become. It is a place that you can make beautiful for you, your friends and those who you call family. Join us as we continue to bring design innovation to the world. Enjoy through our Ever candle.